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Gil-Car Sytem (98) LTD is the leading company in automobile parts, accessories and security systems in Israel. With a history that goes back over 50 years, Gil-Car is one of the oldest, most experienced and best respected companies in Israel. Gil-Car's specialties can be categorized into three main groups:


Gil-Car distributes the highest standard solutions for the demanding Israeli market. Gil-Car's solutions include:


  • Vehicle anti-theft systems.

  • High tech tracking & location systems.

  • Audio & multimedia solutions.

  • Mobile phones and hands-free kits (wired & Bluetooth for all Israeli cellular phone companies).

  • Handheld devices.

  • Safety accessories

  • Decorative adds-on.

  • A specialized department for off-road vehicles.


In Gil-Car we believe in seamless integration between our operation and the car manufacturer. As a result, we set the highest quality standards for our installation, quality and service. To ensure this goal, Gil-Car was the first company in the Israeli automotive industry to receive the ISO 9002 (International Standards Organization) and the first to implement and receive the 2000 version of the award.


Gil-Car has a leading technical department which provides technical literature, user manuals, instruction and training to clients and other end users of our products. The department also provides lab services for our products and the car manufacturer's originally installed systems (audio and security). In addition to such functions, the department is also in charge of our R&D. As parts of Gil-Car's ongoing commitment to safety, our R&D includes the development of new products and adaptation of existing product to optimize the integration with our clients' products to maximize end-user safety.


Gil-Car aspires to maintain and reinforce its domination in the Israeli automotive industry/market as the leading parts, accessories and services provider. In order to execute our objectives, our strategy focuses on three objectives:


  • Improve one-stop-shop capabilities for major clients in our product line, as well as price competitiveness.

  • Increase our innovation level while improving our time-to-market.

  • Maintain and improve the quality and professionalism of our workforce.